The Nash Ford Picture Library contains a host of illustrations, old prints and photographs, all with some connection to British History. Our images have been used in books, journals, magazines, newspapers, television programmes and on exhibition displays both in the UK and abroad. 

Nash Ford Publishing also undertake commissioned historical illustration, but can produce drawings for all kinds of printed matter or electronic media. Below are some categories which feature examples of our work (some cropped), in both colour and black & white, from the illustration section of our Picture Library. Our prices are very reasonable, and use of library pictures is even free to clients using selected other services, so please e-mail us if you think we could help with your project. Those wishing to reproduce our images on the web, must also e-mail us to seek permission.

Story Illustration

This drawing was produced to illustrate the story of Herne the Hunter, the ghostly huntsman who is said to ride around Windsor Forest in the Royal County of Berkshire.

Arthurian Subjects

We have produced a number of drawings based on the legends of King Arthur and the 'Dark Age' period of British history in general. This illustration is based on a Victorian painting by Joseph Noel Paten. It shows King Arthur being taken on his last journey to the Isle of Avalon. We also have photographs and antique prints on a similar theme.

Reconstruction Drawings

Some of our major works have been reconstructing the appearance of currently ruined buildings or those only revealed by archaeological excavation. This is the Roman villa at Barton Court Farm, near Abingdon.

Roman Mosaics

We have also drawn and reconstructed the original patterns of a number Roman mosaics. This is the, now destroyed, mosaic which was discovered by Railway workers in a villa at Basildon in Berkshire. It was made by the Central-Southern school of mosaicists.

Castles and Great Houses

As well as reconstructing ruined castles, we have produced several drawings of long demolished houses based on old etchings or paintings. This is Cumnor Place, demolished in 1810.


We can produce drawings of a variety of archeological artifacts. Here is a detail from King Redwald's helmet discovered in the famous Sutton Hoo ship burial in 1939.


We can produce maps for a variety of purposes and are able to undertake research for historical subjects if required. This map shows the folklore and legends of the county of Dorset.


We have produced historical portraits from a number of sources, including monuments, paintings and manuscripts. Kings and saints are a speciality. Here are King Richard III and his wife, Queen Anne Neville from the Salisbury Roll.

Monumental Brasses

Another source of portraiture. These can be created as white (or brass coloured) on black, black on white or fully coloured as in life. We can also reconstruct probable appearances from the outlines of missing brasses. This is Richard De La Barré, a Canon of Hereford Cathedral.

Family Trees

Very useful for understanding relationships between various members of a family, these illustrated versions also place the characters in their historical context using appropriate costume. Here we have the famous Cope family from Bramshill House in Hampshire.


Heraldic illustration, from badges and crests to full achievements of arms. This is the May family achievement.


We can produce cartoon-style drawings for most historical characters and places. Why not check out our 'Early British Kingdoms for Kids' and 'Royal Berkshire History for Kids' websites. This is Sir Thomas Malory, author of 'Le Morte d'Arthur' (1470).


Various drawings in no particular category. This is a Chinese dragon.

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