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Since 1996, David Nash Ford, the man behind Nash Ford Publishing, has been providing history-based information free of charge to the public on our three popular websites. The main two also have areas specifically designed for children, and there are now activity sheets for kids available on request as well:

History Activity Sheets for Kids

Activity Sheets for Kids

We have a wide range of over 120 pages of British history activity sheets for kids available, all of which are exclusive to Nash Ford Publishing. Organised by subject, we currently cover Tudors & Stuarts, Medieval Britain, Anglo-Saxons, Dark Age Britons, Romans & Iron Age Celts and British Legends (including King Arthur). Click through to see thumbnails and descriptions of all available sheets.

Some sheets are quick, some are longer and take more thought or involve making things. Most are single pages, but some are more. Some can be used straight off. Others are designed to be used after a little learning, which our websites can help with of course, particularly with the Dark Ages. You'll find it all here: drawing, questions, logic problems, matching, comparisons, comprehension, letter writing, maps, measuring, maths problems, identification, games, making models, making things to wear, finger puppets, spot the difference, venn diagrams, mazes, word searches, treasure hunts, cartoon strips, odd one out, remembering and lots more. All of them double as colouring sheets and will keep your pupils or children amused for hours.

Early British Kingdoms Website

Early British Kingdoms

This website was originally based around the little known Celtic kingdoms of Britain which populated the island after the Romans left our shores. It has since expanded to cover both the reign of King Arthur (historical and literary) and the Anglo-Saxon new arrivals from the same period of history.

Early British Kingdoms, or EBK for short, currently houses over 2,250 pages of information, often gleaned from the most obscure and hard-to-find sources. Information that was first presented on the internet here, has been paraphrased across the web, but the original and most comprehensive information is on EBK. The site is illustrated with over 2,500 unique illustrations and photographs produced specifically for it. Browsing here is popular with Arthurian enthusiasts, students, re-enactors, gamers and anyone with an interest in Post-Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain.

In recent years, particular emphasis has been placed on the 'EBK for Kids' section which is very useful for history homework as it relates directly to Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum concerning Invaders and Settlers. there are colouring and activity sheets available which are used by hundreds of schools across the country.

Royal Berkshire History Werbsite

Royal Berkshire History

This website covers the extensive, but often overlooked, history of the English county of Berkshire. As a history site, you can find information here about people and places from both modern Berkshire and the old pre-1974 county which included the Vale of the White Horse.

Royal Berkshire History, or RBH, for short, currently houses almost 3,000 pages of information. Events, places, buildings, people, folklore, art and literature: find out all about Berkshire without leaving your computer chair - or be inspired to visit. The site is illustrated with almost 5,400 unique illustrations and photographs produced specifically for it. Browsing here is popular with locals, family historians, tourists and anyone with an interest in the county.

In recent years, particular emphasis has been placed on both biographies of Berkshire people and the 'RBH for Kids' section. The latter is relevant to many areas of the National Curriculum. Find help with all your homework here and relate it directly to where you live.

May Family History Website

May Family History

More specialised than our other two sites, May Family History has been praised as an excellent example of the way to present your family history.

Trace the history of the May family, well-to-do gentlemen farmers from North Hampshire and Mid-Berkshire, in over 350 web pages. Many fascinating sources are presented, including family trees, parish registers, wills, monumental inscriptions, biographies, diaries and manuscript family histories from previous generations.

We are able to provide public speakers on all the areas of history covered by our websites, as well as some others, and have produced booklets on a number of related topics. Arrangements can be made for any of the photographs or illustrations from the sites to be reproduced in hard copy publications, at exhibitions or on television. We also undertake commissions for drawings of similar style or text production.

Please e-mail us if we can help you with your project.


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