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Stone Age & Bronze Age Britain Activity Sheets
(21 Pages for 5.00)

Available Stone Age & Bronze Age Sheets

General Stone & Bronze Age

Archaeology Sheet

This sheet describes a number of different fields and asks you to choose which ones you think would be most likely to have interesting archaeology hidden underground. It then asks you to decide which materials you would be most likely to dig up. Lastly you can draw the grass in on a cross-section to show how tall it grows over different features, forming lines seen on aerial photos.


Ice Age Animals Sheet

In the Early Stone Age, or Ice Age, there were lots of unusual animals around to hunt. Some of them are still around today, but certainly not in Britain. This sheet encourages you to think about these animals and identify which is which.

Make a Mammoth Sheet

With this easy-to-use 4-page cut-out sheet, make your very own mammoth. Ideal for use with the Ice Age Hunters Finger Puppets sheet.


Ice Age Finger Puppets Sheet

With this easy-to-use cut-out sheet, make your very own finger puppets of six stone age hunters. Ideal for use with the 'Make-a-Mammoth' sheet.


Stone Age & Bronze Age Finger Puppets Sheet

With this easy-to-use cut-out sheet, make your very own finger puppets of three stone age villagers and three bronze age ones: a man, a woman and a priest.

Wild Animal Finger Puppets Sheet

With this easy-to-use cut-out sheet, make three of your very own finger puppets of wild animals now extinct in Britain.


Stone Age Costume Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of two Stone Age Britons: A man and a woman. You are asked to describe how they look different from how we dress today.

Bronze Age Costume Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of two Bronze Age Britons: A man and a woman. You are asked to describe how they look different from how we dress today.


Stone Age Tools & Weapons

You see lots of pictures of Stone Age tools and weapons, what were they actually used for? Show off what you know and what you can work out on this sheet.

Draw the Buried Treasure Sheet

Several Bronze Age hoards of treasure have been found in Britain. Use this sheet to draw in your own dream treasure from this time. Then have a think about why someone might have hidden it back then.

Rock Art Sheet

Neolithic Man carved distinctive artwork into rocks in Northern England, Scotland and Wales. Examine the examples and then create your own version.


Skara Brae Sheet

This two-page sheet shows a plan of the Neolithic village at Skara Brae on Orkney. Label the parts, work out the dates and think about what the fittings and some of the more idiosyncratic buildings were used for.

Not available as a free sample.

House Comparison Sheet

This sheet shows a two ancient houses: one Bronze Age and one Iron Age Celtic. You are asked what differences you can see between the two.

Stonehenge Basics Sheet

This sheet gives an introduction to Stonehenge, the great Neolithic stone circle and bank on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. But it doesn't stand alone. What other monuments are near by? How and when did the henge develop? Think too about what people did there and why.


Bronze Age Hill Figure Sheet

This sheet asks multiple questions about the Uffington White Horse and its Bronze Age origins. Use your answers to form your opinions on what it was for. Also do some maths to work out how long the horse is in double-decker buses. Does it really look like a horse at all? Different from the Legends Uffington White Horse sheet.


Long Barrows

Late Stone Age people buried their dead all together in Long Barrows. Use this sheet to work out how long they were and what went on inside. Then meet the ancestors and make them talk.

Round Barrows

By the Bronze Age, individual people were being buried in Round Barrows; but there are so many different kinds. Can you work out which is which?


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We have a wide range of British history activity sheets for kids available. They are very competitively priced and contain many more illustrations than other sheets on the market: all exclusive to Nash Ford Publishing. You can purchase them very cheaply in sets organised by subject. All sheets are shown and described above. Some are quick, some are longer and take more thought or involve making things. Most are single pages, but some are more. Some can be used straight off. Others are designed to be used after a little learning, which our Early British Kingdoms website can help with of course. All of them double as colouring sheets and will keep your pupils or children amused for hours. For activity sheets from other periods of British history, click here.


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