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Post-Roman British Celts Activity Sheets
(30 Pages for 7.50)

Available Post-Roman Sheets

Post-Roman British Celts

Archaeology Sheet

This sheet describes a number of different fields and asks you to choose which ones you think would be most likely to have interesting archaeology hidden underground. It then asks you to decide which materials you would be most likely to dig up. Lastly you can draw the grass in on a cross-section to show how tall it grows over different features, forming lines seen on aerial photos.


Roman Army leave Britain Sheet

This is a multi-activity sheet. Pick the name of the Roman Emperor who took most of the Roman away; fill in the soldier's speech bubble; pick the correct statements about towns in this period; and match the local kings with things they were famous for.


Vortigern's Story Sheet

This sheet shows a cartoon strip telling the story of King Vortigern and the Anglo-Saxons. The speech bubbles, however, are blank and you must fill in what the characters are saying. You could also cut up the six pictures prior to presenting them to those doing the activity and ask them to put them in the correct order. Same as Saxon Arrival Story Sheet.

Not available as a free sample. 

British Attacked Sheet

This is a multi-activity sheet. It shows a map of the countries bordering the North Sea and asks you to name the different groups of people found there in the Dark Ages and draw arrows showing how some came to Britain. It also asks for the three Fs that brought the Saxons to Britain: Floods, Fighting & Friendship. And there is a pick the Saxon and the Briton lineup. Same as the Saxon Arrival Sheet.

Letter to Aetius Sheet

This sheet suggests a scenario from Vortigerns' reign and asks you to write a letter about it to Consul Aetius.


Mount Badon Activity Sheet

This sheet shows a map of Britain marked with possible locations for King Arthur's victorious Battle of Mount Badon marked on it. You are given some clues as to the kind of area historians think it might have taken place in and asked to choose your favourite candidate. and explain why.


British Warrior Sheet

This sheet shows a British warrior on his steed and asks you to draw in various missing parts of him and his costume.

British & Saxon Costume Comparison Sheet

This sheet shows a British and a Saxon warrior and asks you to look for differences between what they are wearing. Same as the Saxon & British Costume Comparison Sheet.


British Finger Puppets Sheet

Make six of your very own British warrior finger puppets with this easy-to-use cut-out sheet. Same as Knights of the Round Table Finger Puppets Sheet.


Dark Age Venn Diagram Sheet

This sheet shows twelve different people from the Dark Ages. By looking at their costumes and weaponry, you must work out which person goes in which section of the triple-circle venn diagram on the next page. You can write their names onto the existing diagram or create a giant one, cut out the pictures and stick them on.

Not available as a free sample. 

Gildas' Britain Sheet

This sheet shows a map of the kingdoms of Western Britain and tells you what Gildas wrote about them. You are then asked to try and work out where each kingdom is located. Includes clues and teachers' notes.

Houses Sheet

This sheet shows two ancient houses: one Saxon at West Stow in Suffolk and one British at Gwithian in Cornwall. You are asked what differences you can see between the two. Same as the British Houses Sheet.


Crannog V Hillfort Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of an island fort (or crannog) and a hillfort. The British lived in both, but you must list the advantages of each and decide which is best.


British Great Hall Sheet

This sheet shows a British lord's great hall, both inside and out. You are asked to look at the internal picture and list the things that went on inside.


Sub-Roman Sudoku

Here the story of a British King and his new warriors turns into a game of sudoku as you are challenged to lay out their kit in the proper manner. 


Tawl-Bwrdd Game Sheet

This sheet has a game board and rules for playing the ancient Welsh game of Tawl-Bwrdd (known in English as Taefel). Same as the Anglo-Saxon Taefel Game Sheet.

Dark Age Pottery Sheet

This multi-activity sheet tells you all about pottery imports to Britain from miles away. Check out the map and work out the distances. Complete the decoration and work out what it tells us about the owners.


Ogham Sheet

This sheet shows the Ogham alphabet as used in Ireland and the Western parts of Britain. Can you make up some messages? Can you translate those from your friends?


British Food Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of lots of food items. You must identify which ones were eaten by the Britons in the Dark Ages. Same as the Anglo-Saxon Food Sheet.

Celtic Church Sheet

This sheet shows a typical Dark Age Celtic church (excavated at Glencoyndale in Cumberland) and a hermit at his hermitage (on St. Govan's Head at Bosherston in Pembrokeshire). There is a short piece of text about the subject and you have to fill in the missing words.


Celtic Monastery Sheet

This sheet shows a Celtic monastery, based on one in the Scilly Isles with beehive cells and rectangular chapel. Work out which areas fit the descriptions and fill in the blanks describing what is going on there.


Celtic Manuscript Sheet

This sheet shows an illuminated page in the Celtic style from Rhigyfarch's Psalter, written at Llanbadarn Abbey in the 11th century. You can colour it in and use the old-style alphabet to fill in a prayer or other message.


Lichfield Gospels Sheet

This sheet shows part of the magnificent surviving carpet page from the 8th century Lichfield Gospels which originated at Llandeilo Fawr Abbey. You must identify the animal and the parts of its body. Then why not have a go at finishing the picture?


Celtic Monument Sheet

This sheet shows a Celtic memorial cross (the Cunobelin Stone from Margam in Glamorgan). You must give it an inscription on the blank panel, turning your name into Latin using the instructions.


All Change in the Church Sheet

In this multi-activity sheet,  you have to identify the British and the Saxon monk and the pattern of building used for Saxon churches, mark events on the Glastonbury Abbey timeline and order the Glastonbury abbots. Same as the Saxon All Change Sheet.


Celtic Saints Sheet

This sheet shows four Celtic saints. You are asked to name each one from a list giving their jobs or actions.



Illtud's Maze Sheet

This sheet briefly tells the story of St. Illtud and asks if you can help him find his way through the marshland maze (based on a carving found at St. David's). Includes a question about forgiveness.


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We have a wide range of British history activity sheets for kids available. They are very competitively priced and contain many more illustrations than other sheets on the market: all exclusive to Nash Ford Publishing. You can purchase them very cheaply in sets organised by subject. All sheets are shown and described above. Some are quick, some are longer and take more thought or involve making things. Most are single pages, but some are more. Some can be used straight off. Others are designed to be used after a little learning, which our Early British Kingdoms website can help with of course. All of them double as colouring sheets and will keep your pupils or children amused for hours. For activity sheets from other periods of British history, click here.


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