Bath, Somerset

Bath is World famous for its hot springs which legend says were discovered by the pigs of King Bladudd back in the Bronze Age! Prehistoric people certainly seem to have known about them, but it was the Romans who really exploited the waters. Bath became 'Aquae Sulis', a sacred town dedicated to Sulis-Minerva, full of temples and pilgrims' hostels. It was a Royal centre in the 'Dark Ages' and some think King Arthur fought the Battle of Mount Badon there. In Saxon times, King Offa of Mercia founded an abbey in Bath, within which King Edgar was later crowned. It was to become one of the twin cathedrals of the See of Bath & Wells. It was rebuilt just before the Dissolution, but survived as a parish church. The baths reached their height of popularity as a spa in the eighteenth century. All the 'fashionable' people had residences in Bath and the Royal Crescent and the Circus were built at this time.

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