portraiture section of the Nash Ford Picture Library contains a host of photographs, illustrations and old prints, all of well-known people from throughout British history, though we specialise in pre-Tudor characters. The photographs mostly derive from statues, architectural sculpture, church monuments, pub signs and especially stained glass windows. All those places in everyday life where you see portraits of the famous, can be found here. Location release may be required for some photos. Please e-mail us if you think we could help with your hard copy or televisual image reproduction project. Those wishing to reproduce our images on the web, must also e-mail us to seek permission. To view examples of portraits from our Picture Library, please choose your area of interest from the sections below:

Kings & Queens of England

Portraits of monarchs from statues, sculptures, monuments, stained glass windows, ceramics, tapestries, pub signs, paintings, drawings, engravings and more. At the moment, this section covers all the Kings and Queens of England, and a sample selection of the Monarchs of Scotland and native Princes of Wales. We hope to add more soon. This image is of King Henry IV.

Other Royalty

This is a Victorian engraving of Richard, the Duke of York who led the opposition to King Henry VI during the War of the Roses.

Lords & Ladies

This is a stained glass window featuring Hugh Lupus, the famous Earl of Chester.

Bishops & Abbots

This is a painted statue of Richard Poore, Bishop of Salisbury in the 13th century. Why not check out details on Cardinal Beaufort.


This is a drawing of the obscure St. Endelienta, one of the many daughters of King Brychan of Brycheiniog who evangelised North Cornwall. 


This is a stained glass window featuring Geoffrey Chaucer, Father of English Poetry.


This is a pub sign featuring the highwayman, William Davies, otherwise known as the 'Golden Farmer'.

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